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Originally Posted by makkan00
Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
I didn't have one either, until yesterday!

Good work indeed.

Kaigoss, I saw a thread on adding skyhole. Part number etc etc. But cannot find that thread now.

So have you ordered arm rest from the dealer or used your creativity to make this arm rest yourself?

Just to confirm, you took the measurements of arm rest and cut a hole in the seat and inserted arm rest in their?

What about the leather on the arm rest and the foam from the rear seat?

Hope you do not mind sharing some details on how you made it.

I picked my JL 12W7 yesterday and looking at the weight / size, I will have to use certain tricks to get it fitted on rear deck.

If I fail, then I will have to go your way of fitting IB.
It's actually very easy. Open the armrest. See the black plastic cover? Pop it out, needs some brute strength. What you see then is what you see on the pic above, which is the actual plastic trunk wall. You can cut through it easily.

I'll make a DIY on this.
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