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Originally Posted by michaelsevilla View Post
Didnt I say it's the wrong software ? Aka crap software? crap as in wrong :-/ fuck that company too man, Why so much specifics on that situation, I ordered a tune and it was for an m5 enough said, once I get it returned ill get rory to installed, please stop exaggerating on 40rwhp. Thats not correct. There is NO tune on the car because the booklet I got with it said m5 and that was a dead give away which is why I called it a crap tune because 1. It's wrong. 2. It's a stage 1 :-/. That was wrong. I said this a few times as in crap tune need to get it set off etc. I don't understand what you're so scared of if I had my tune on trust me when it gets put on I wanna c the difference against y'all and either way im waiting for it to get sent back :-/, sucks because its a messed up situation but whatever, it's cool. :-) ill want to run you guys either way.

: I don't have the right tune on my car

: I have to send te shit back

: etc etc. please read this post and understand since you need me
To put it bluntly. Figured all my previous post would acknowledge lol, us m6 owners love highway racing so again this will be a perfect run regardless. 60-140 :> I don't see what the problem is, like we're racing for money or something lol. Just satisfying his desire to race a v10 since that's what he wanted and that's what he'll get >

1. Grant asked to race me first

2. I acknowledge

3. It seems the interest of mods into my car has risen a certain concern amongst the modded tuned and meth crowd and a certain hostility has taken fold by his followers lol?

4. I've already beaten bolt on 335is

5. I'm ready to oblige the race as I always have just figured since we're going to have so many cars in my meet figured we'd all run multiple stuff.

6. I didnt know grant shared his car with so many people lol
Why so serious? What is the name of the crap company that sent you the wrong, crap tune? What type of tune is it? Simple question...should require a reply no longer than 9 words.
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