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Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
lol at this thread. Surprising mods allow it. Someone got banned over it. Did I read aways back members meeting up to make a deal? lol.

As far as the "medical marijuana" issue, if it was ever legal here the only patients I would prescribe it to would be the terminally ill. The rest is a crock, IMO. There are plenty of legal drugs to treat what ails you without lighting up. c'mon...
Hey Doc I have chronic monocytic leukemia, diagnosed in 2003, never been in acute or blast phase take Glivec daily. When I get flare ups, general joint pain, abdominal distention, mid torso pain my onocologist suggested I try medical marijuana. Guess what it helps be it a placebo effect or real it helps. Now mind you I only do this when I flare up which is not very often(once maybe every 10 -18 months usually onset of stress or some other situation), my disease is very manageable. I'm not terminally ill What say to that?? Oh and btw I have another compilcation if that matters I have a bicuspid aortic valve from birth so they are a little leary of some meds for me, take a bp drug and aspirin (325 mg) daily for that. I am 55 years old and a professional.