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Originally Posted by Proven View Post
Its cant stop laughing at how much these guys car about the tune on your car. As much as i hear about these 1/3 series becoming after all these basic mods. U would think they will stump a M6. Even one with just a basic tune. I mean, we talking 30 ish horsepowerssssss. If that's all it takes to stump the baddest bolt on 1/3 series with a M6. Then I dont think any of the e90s ( think thats what y'all call them ) can talk. Now im not trying to step on anybodies toes are anything, but with the kinda people i roll with, its like, seen my car run. If u think u can take it down, line up. If u dont, go sit on the bench and watch. We dont nic pic simple mods like tunes. If y'all that concerned, then u most not be feeling to confident.
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