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Sometimes people underestimate products because of their origin, when in fact the country on origin doesnt have alot to do with the quality itself rather then the cheap labor they can get from the workers.

Sometimes it depends on the amount of products they develop as well, this may be a weird analogy but it may shed some light on some people...a place like zaxbys that ONLY focuses on making chicken makes better quality chicken then you would find at a place like Mcdonalds or BK where they make Burgers, fish(nasty), chicken etc etc etc. Ive come to find a few small companies that develop and focus on only one time and make pretty decent quality products and fairly priced.

And last but not least let it be no surprise that alot of these companies that say they develop their products in the US do it in countries like China and Taiwan where the labor is dirt cheap and they get away paying less as a business, then claim that their product is made in the US with US standards. Not too long ago i made a similar post on a 350Z forum regarding the quality of DDM tuning HIDS which sold for about $70 $80 dollars per kit, and not only were they made with the same quality as the ones that go for $30 on ebay but some of them came mailed directly from china and with the same labels as if they bought them on ebay and just had them shipped to you. Pretty shitty i might add but lets face it, to them we are a business..i dont think anyone in particular cares about our safety and the functionality of our cars unless someone gets killed because of it and they catch a lawsuit.


on a different note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!