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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
What you say about IB not having good top end? I play my 15's to 90hz to enforce my 5x7's. If you cant get good output past 45hz, you need to choose a better driver and ditch a class d amp and go with a good class ab amp.
I'm aware of damping factors and slew rates affecting tonality when it comes to Amp topology.

You have completely under looked enclosures here, You can not deny science!

2 15" IB drivers in your case Vs a single 12" driver in around 7-8 cubes. You simply can not outlook Hoffman's iron law. Two VERY different setups sir
Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
When modeling my Infinities with Qts values of .7 and .48 I noticed a noticeable drop off above 50hz with the higher Q driver. After listening to both I can confirm that. The higher Q driver had very little impact, but better low end extension. The lower Q driver has excellent impact up top and sounds much more controlled (tighter) but lacks a little on the bottom end. However compared to a sealed enclosure it is still night and day.

High Qts generally will have smoother tonal characteristics, lower Qts more impact. Qts is also a good indicator of motor strength and how its delivered. Be it a peaky type driver with a short wound coil means it won't have much in the way of massive throw for those big dynamics.