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Yeah, my first track day I caught a ride with an advanced run group student who had a C6 Z06 -- totally blew my mind. He hit the front straight at 80 MPH and floored it, and it pulled from 80 to 135 about as hard as my M3 pulls from 30 to 70. I agree about that sensation of driving such a long car, though I feel that way when I get into an E89 Z4 as well to some extent.

The new Mustang has optional Recaro seats which I'm told are amazing, but yes the stock seats aren't so hot and I too find the interior drab overall. The Vette can have a nice(r) interior with the 4LZ package, but it's still not going to match the E9x. However, given how drop-dead gorgeous the new Viper's interior looks -- by any standard at all, never mind compared to the previous Viper, and especially with the Laguna Leather package -- I'll be VERY curious to see what happens with the C7 Vette.
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