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Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
What are your thoughts on Schuab? Some people think hes above average and some think hes Alex Smith-esque in just general game management. I think hes worlds better than Flacco but not nearly as good as Ryan.
ooohhh man, i've debated this for a couple years - here's my total and unbiased opinion.

Matt Shaub is not elite in the traditional "elite" definition of a QB.

Elite means Brady, Rodgers, Manning, Brees, etc

why ?? because they throw close to 400 yards and 3 TD's week in and week out.

what do all of those QB's have in common ?? they have zero running game, so they are forced to be "the elite guy".

with Shaub, he's elite in other areas where the texans need him to be elite.

1) manage offensive drives
2) don't turn the ball over
3) find open recievers
4) throw for a good percentage

that's it - that will get you 240-250 yards a game, 2 TD's and 0 INT's.

we will accept that every single game because we have the second best RB in the league, with a backup RB that could start for 15 other teams in the NFL.

we're definitely on the same page when you compared him to Alex Smith, because Shaub is Alex Smith and nothing more.

Shaub does have the highest passing yard game this year when he went for 527 yards and 5 TD's in a come from behind overtime victory - we needed every bit of his arm that game.

he was elite in that game, but he's not consistently going to go for over 270 yards a game and throw 4 TD's.

that's not what the current roster calls for as the starting Texans QB....

Shaub is a middle of the pack guy when it comes to numbers, but what he brings to this organization with it's current schemes and roster, is 100% acceptable....