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Originally Posted by Bakeme521
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Its cant stop laughing at how much these guys car about the tune on your car. As much as i hear about these 1/3 series becoming after all these basic mods. U would think they will stump a M6. Even one with just a basic tune. I mean, we talking 30 ish horsepowerssssss. If that's all it takes to stump the baddest bolt on 1/3 series with a M6. Then I dont think any of the e90s ( think thats what y'all call them ) can talk. Now im not trying to step on anybodies toes are anything, but with the kinda people i roll with, its like, seen my car run. If u think u can take it down, line up. If u dont, go sit on the bench and watch. We dont nic pic simple mods like tunes. If y'all that concerned, then u most not be feeling to confident.
We all just want to know the brand, he keeps saying crap company blah blah blah but what is this so called crap company. We have supposedly heard that it is not ESS so what is it then? It's like he has something to hide when he keeps saying he doesn't. I never once said I would stomp on this M6, we all just don't think the M6 will beat it like he thinks, that's all. I said I was down for a friendly race, and being that it is friendly why can't all the mods be out in the open?

Didnt realize I was racing you I thought I was racing grant? I already specified I don't have a tune on my car and I'm very informed of what my cars capabilities, proven I couldn't of said it better myself. ^_^ you want more info come to the meet. No one said nothing about racing bakeme it was grant you come to the meet this weekend an the rest will be answered. Last I checked you didn't specify what y'all ran in y'all's cars or "what kind of exhaust" etc etc y'all had nor have I asked. Point is, show up. And the questions from the name brand of the tires will be answered ^_^