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Originally Posted by Bakeme521 View Post
We all just want to know the brand, he keeps saying crap company blah blah blah but what is this so called crap company. We have supposedly heard that it is not ESS so what is it then? It's like he has something to hide when he keeps saying he doesn't. I never once said I would stomp on this M6, we all just don't think the M6 will beat it like he thinks, that's all. I said I was down for a friendly race, and being that it is friendly why can't all the mods be out in the open?
I hear where u coming from and I understand. But in the end, its his car and he already said what he has to say bout it. At this point u can take it or leave it. Even if he is hiding something, there is no point it trying to force it out. I see this way to often. Some people like to hide out till the cat is out the bag. But in the end. All u need to know is how your own car runs. Take the good with the bad. Nagging doesn't look good either.