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Originally Posted by joro2077 View Post
New to Cobb here.. I run map1+aggressive and got P3OFF (boost leak) code and check engine light, I clear the code and did it again just to be sure and same thing happend. Then I switched to map+1sport and everything was fine no boost leak anymore. Im guessing my DVs cant support that boost but looking for confirmation. My car is with FMIC and DCI and running 93 shell. I attached couple of logs with each map (still learning to read cobb logs, but I see a big difference in requested and actual load in one of the logs) Any opinions? Thanks for looking.
Yep, you've got a boost leak. The most common places to start looking for a leak is the FMIC and charge pipe connections. How long ago was the FMIC installed? Normally when is installedand then immediately after issues start occuring it's that part.

Boost mean abs is actually where the DME gets it's actual load, so when it's not hitting boost target you won't hit load targets. When you plot Boost mean abs, Boost and Load act in a graph they will mirror each other.

Other than that the log looks pretty dang good on both sport and aggressive.
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