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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
Nope, I just cut like a mofo and never looked back!

Yes I was referring to a sealed corner enclosure. If you still want to go that route I think you can get it to be very loud but you will need a special sub (I only found one in my search) and you will need at least 800w, better 1000 or more. At that point I do not know if the electrical system is adequate anymore, that's why I decided to go IB.
With all the enclosures in the trunk, sound waves have to make their way into cabin and hence you require more powerful sub.

Out of different enclosures, corncer enclosure gives you least rattles.

IB is basically efficient way of having bass in the cabin and there are few reasons;
1- Sub fires into cabin directly.
2- You do not require very powerful subs, as sub fires straight into cabin. If you go for IB sub (made of that purpose) then you follow their power ratings, otherwise on a normal sub, keep it at 50-60% of power rating to avoid mechanical failure.