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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
I Got a boost leak 1 day during my log for my Pro Tune. it was 100+ outside and got the P30FF. Took apart all connections (just installed FMIC and CP) and put back. Just the CP though, there was no way my FMIC piping was leaking. Cleared code, and never came back. Many WOT pulls since then.

a couple weeks ago went to OTS S1+ Agg. (from my pro tune MAP) and got the P30FF code twice during WOT Pulls. A bit concerned because it was consistent.

Haven't done a complete 3rd gear WOT Pull since, but may today.

So my question, it appears my ER CP has a little play at the Throttle Body. I have a new rubber o ring and used the OEM metal clip. Could my code be caused from the CP slightly being torqued during WOT? Thus causing a leak at the throttle body? I have a hard time believing I have a leak in my connections. Because I don't get the Boost Leak code when daily driving even pushing the card hard.

I know there are many variables, I'll try a WOT pull today and see if I get a code. Been raining ever since.

EDIT: I have Tial BOV
There shouldn't be any play where the CP clips to the TB. If there is you should probably see whats causing it. I find it odd that it didn't show up on the PTF maps(I'm assuming they run the same or more boost.)
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