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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
I guess what I mean by play, I can grab the CP with both hands and with little force rock it back and forth. It just to me seemed too loose. but then again could be normal.

Correct, ~19.xx psi while the OTS is 18.5. I get the Code near redline at WOT. I'll have to do another log just to be sure. It just seemed odd that on Pro Tuned it went away and got it again on OTS. I'll do some more logging.
Hmm... overboosts are common on the OTS mapping for some cars and this has me wondering if the OPPOSITE could be true for some cars. Maybe the OTS WGDC mapping isn't aggressive enough on certain maps and there isn't enough adders or PID to make up the difference. This could be interesting.
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