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New guy with an E90

I just picked up an 08 335i maybe two weeks ago and absolutely love it... I traded my 06 325i in on it, and I owned a 2005 330ci back in 07. I currently have a 2003 Cobra that I am returning to stock. It was a whipple'd Cobra with lots of nice ad ons making about 650rwhp @21 lbs on pump until a couple rings decided to kick the bucket (chrome moly FTL) so I picked up this 335i to give me something to play with once I got rid of my Cobra.

I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this 335i more then my Cobra in almost every aspect. I dont have any decent pics because there hasnt been a decent day since I took delivery so without further a due here is my E90 with Nav, Sport and Luxury package.