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Originally Posted by panda51829 View Post
so is it safer to jack up one wheel at a time? It took me way too long to mess around with the position of the jack and stands. I finally got the car raised on both stands after 3 hours. Then it dawned on me that I needed to loosen the lug nuts on the tires before raising it. I was so demoralized after, that I called it a day. I heard that one should never rely on just the jack itself because it may give out and may cause serious injury. I am too afraid to rest the stands on the soft underbelly near the fenders. Any tips and pointers are welcomed!
Well, yes, for safety you SHOULD have a jack stand under the car, BUT, you really do not need it (safety first but, you never know I suppose). As for your fears, check out jack pads that some vendors on here sell that have been pre-cut to fit on your jack and with the square part to go up into the slot.

The jack that I bought has a soft rubber on it so for the one jackpoint that is messed up it still works fine. The 4 jack points are a little more stout then you probably think.

I usually buy my roommate lunch for helping me and it takes about 30 minutes to do all 4 tires. Loosen lugs on the ground, jack it up, pull it off, and when yo have the 2nd person, they can help hold the wheel on there as you line up the holes and then just get 1 of the lugs in (hand tightened is fine) and then you are ready to put the others in (all hand tightened) then you do a star pattern on the tightening. You do not want to go in a circle. Does that make sense? Use your breaker bar to get it pretty tight, but not tooo tight, then use your torque wrench to about 95lbs or so and when it starts popping, you are done.

That is the cliff notes version. I am sure there are some DIY in the DIY section or check you tube???

I dont really have any pointers except DO NOT over tighten your lugs. Just ask Alfred what can happen! (his sheared off)
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