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Originally Posted by CarAbuser View Post
The main problem i have with anything running a mobile OS is browsing.

Both android and IOS are completely useless when it comes to anything slightly out of the norm and seem to struggle hugely with flash/java.
Android crashes out a lot, Firefox seems to be the best at handling most stuff but the stock browser and chrome are just terrible.

IOS is even worse, it won't crash but that's because it just flat out refuses to load flash.

The other serious issue is processing power and RAM, waiting any longer than a second for a page to load just frustrates me, they are improving over time but will always lack the brute force of a desktop.

If you want to do anything other than check Facebook and play angry birds then do yourself a favor and buy a real laptop or desktop!
Originally Posted by CarAbuser View Post
If you must choose between the two then go for an Apple product. I made the mistake of buying an android tablet. They look great on paper but the whole user experience leaves much to be desired.

I hate the whole Apple ethos but there's no denying they have a much more polished product.
Having been an Apple user before moving to Android I would argue with the above.

I had more crashes and hard resets using the iPhone than I ever have with Android.

Android does have flash and Apple doesn't. You can still download flashplayer for Android even though it is no longer supported.

All the experts and tests prove the cheap Nexus 7 out performs the iPad 3 nevermind the iPad mini where it also undercuts in price by a huge margin.

Google have a 10" pad coming soon which will steal a huge market for them.

Apple make nice products but Android devices have left them behind in my opinion.

Spec wise the nexus devices win again.