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My saga to resolve this drone issue continued... For past 3 days, all I did at work has been searching for the solution. I have considered several options; whether to add some sort of damper similar to the one in stock muffler, or to add some GM car version of vibration damper clamps to the exhaust pipe itself... Today, I got home little early to do some more tweaking, drinking some wine stairing at the exhaust... and it hit me. The rubber mount seems to have a lot of room for vibration. What if I can make it little more rigid to obsorbe the vibration. Drinking wine at the time, it occurred to me the two side of the rubber mount can fit the wine cork! As a wine drinker, I know some of the corks are made of synthetic rubber of sort, so I quickly picked up a pair of the corks and slipped them to both side of the rubber mount. Could this be this simple.. They are snug fit! I quickly grepped my key and did some test drive, and there it was; dramatic reduce in drone. I think there still some but it is mellowed down quite a bit to the point I can live with. I will know for sure once I drive on the high way, but this look quite promisong. Wish I know how to post a pix from my tab to show how it looks like.

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