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Originally Posted by michaelalex17 View Post
hmm... anyone else have any input?
Lowest supported speed is based on the drive and the media. If you set it to 1x, it may actually be burning it at 2.4x since thats the lowest supported. If it is actually burning it at 1x, then you're using a speed not supported and while I don't think it matters, it's probably not the best.

I would just say burn it using as slow as supported. Anywhere from like 2x-6x should be good enough to work well in the drive. Also, lowering the write speed is more of a precaution and step only really needed if you're having problems. Like Hugo330i said, he is using AWS which is auto and most likely using the fasted supported speed and it works fine for him.

My verbatim was burned using AWS and works great but my polaroid needed to be burned at 2x to work well.

P.S. I stopped seeding Region 1 cams. I thought 90gb up was good enough