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Hello E90Post members! 2007 BMW 335i Sedan

Hey guys my name is Alex (Sasha) 20 years old from Cleveland, OH! Been lurking around here and there for a while now, when I was really into the 335i. I sort of fell off that phase because of money issues and not deciding if I was going to keep my Subaru Legacy or not.

well I lost my job as a sales rep for Sprint and within a month started a new job at a dealership here in Cleveland, and well I'm making a solid income and on Saturday (12/1/12) I sold my Subaru Legacy GT Spec B.

On Wednesday that following week, I hopped on Autotrader to looking for diesel Jetta/Golf, but for some reason the 335i popped into my head and I searched them. What do you know, not even 15 miles from my house this gem was for sale with low miles, I had to see it.

Got to dealer and within 2 hours I had myself a very solid 2007 335i Sedan, Auto, with sport/cold weather package. What really sold me was the color, love it!

^that was my Stage 2 legacy gt spec b (458/500) made 245awhp and 295awtq on a Mustang Dyno.

335 right before I drove it off the lot, 2007 44k miles, 1 owner Arizona car

pic I snapped at work today

I love the car, was never a BMW fan but damn, this car changed that for me. I never thought I'd be happy owning an Auto but honestly I love it with the paddleshifters, the way the car handles also makes it a lot more fun to drive than my Legacy.

It's bone stock as of right now, I'm purchasing winter wheel/tire set up Sunday, then after that I'm going to get a Cobb AP and do a simple stage 1 map flash for now.

Will keep this up to date, I have quite big plans for this car and I'm really trying to make my dreams come true.