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Used car warranty?


Very soon, I will be looking to purchase a used BMW 335i.
And I have some general questions about warranties and the car itself, to help me with this purchase.
I really hope you guys can help me out with this...

On to the questions:

1. How many types of warranties are there? And what do they cover?

2. Is there any-type of factory warranty available through BMW?(If the seller did not purchase a warranty?)

3. There are a few known issues that I know of; fuel pump, HFPF failure, etc. Does BMW cover any of these recalls/problems? If so, which recalls do they cover? And will they charge me for small fees?

4. If BMW doesn't, will the warranty cover the recalls/ other known issues?

5. Will any of these recalls/known issues cause the car to be immobile?(Not able to be driven, until fixed)

6. What are the needed services for the mileage timeline?(30k, 60k, 100k? I believe.) And when will the stock turbos need to be replaced? Does warranty cover this?

7.. Starting from recalls to other known issues; in a list, how much will they cost to fix?

That should be about it for now... Thanks everyone!

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