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Originally Posted by EYE4SPEED View Post
You get what you pay for. On things as important as brakes and tires, why buy cheap?
That tends to be false. The price of most items on the shelf in first world country tend to be priced to the "sweet spot" of the buyer, with little relation to the cost of production, if any.

The dirt cheap items are probably crap because their price doesn't allow for quality manufacture.

However, expensive items are often targeting the poseur. The type of people who by the most expensive, because, well, if it is expensive it must be quality, right ? Well no. Sometimes it is just the same crap as above, but for 10x the price, so it looks richer.

Remember that sometime, decreasing the price decreases the volume of sale, because the product is not perceived as quality by consumers anymore.

Price is no indication of a good product. It may permit weeding the crap, if the price is unbelievably low, but anything in the medium price range is probably as good an item as something that is expensive but is not recognized for quality otherwise (probably better, even, as it targets value conscious, educated customers, rather than zealots that buy without comparing).