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Originally Posted by CarAbuser View Post
If you must choose between the two then go for an Apple product. I made the mistake of buying an android tablet. They look great on paper but the whole user experience leaves much to be desired.

I hate the whole Apple ethos but there's no denying they have a much more polished product.
Originally Posted by kaishang View Post
I'd say iPad 4 (not 2 which is also still on sale)

Screen is 265dpi; a printed photo is 300dpi so it is not far off the quality of a printed photo and miles ahead of a typical laptop screen.

It is constant battle....Android or iOS.

I have used both, Web OS and few more platforms.

Let me say it in SIMPLE wrods....

If you are a geek and loves tweaking, playing, experimenting, hacking, rooting your tablets / computers / phones.....Android should be your choice.

However if you want to sit, and use a a tablet without much hassle, iOS is the way to go.

When I had the time to play with gadgets, I always preferred Android. There is way more freedom (to tweak and play). Lately, I hardly get time to play with OS, so I moved to iOS and no regrets except that it cannot play flash.

Laptop VS Tablet.

You can do most of the things on the tablet provided the condition that you have the relevant applications. However doing the same work on a laptop is a lot quicker.