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Please do not take offense to this; and I'm really not trying to flame you, but are you sure you are comfortable raising the car and removing the wheels? I only say this because it took you 3 hours to figure out some sort of method/procedure to get two wheels off the ground and then remember that the wheel bolts needed to be loosened first.

They way you described your trial and error method of getting the car off the ground seems VERY dangerous to me. Lifting any car shouldn't take 3 hours to figure out. I'm concerned that you were/are placing the jack on parts of the car that it is not supposed to be used on.

There are severy DIY posts on how to raise the E9X. The one linked is a good one and is the correct procedure for using a floor jack, but other posts should also be consulted. The issue being that the proper jack to lift the E90 is one that has a long, low saddle to SAFELY reach both the front central lift point and the rear differential. Looking at the other DIYs for lifting the car you will find many Members here have been very resourceful in pre-positioning the car for standard floor jacks to be used less dangerously.

Please be careful.