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Road & Track and Motor Trend post braking distance from 60 - 0 MPH for their tests, so I recommend checking those two sources. Car & Driver posts braking distances from 70 - 0 MPH, and the 325i back in 2006 it was 161 feet, but that was a sport package model.

Now that said, and I'm not sure what you are trying to prove, but braking distance is a very subjective thing and depends on a lot of factors, such as tire age and condition, tire type, brake system condition, available grip on/of the road surface, weather, and driver reaction time, etc. The data you seek is data from instrumented tests, performed by professional test drivers, one new cars, in a controlled environment (that removes driver reaction time from the measurement), which has no relation to real world braking performance. Meaning that if you are trying to prove that you were a safe distance (more than 126 feet - to use the distance quoted earlier) behind a car, both traveling at 60 MPH and used your brakes to their maximum effectiveness you probably would have taken far longer that 126 feet to stop to avoid the accident.

Good luck.