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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post

I have to agree with Kerr. I really don't know which Android device you've used.
I'm aware that you can visit the iplayer webpage with andoid but it has no NATIVE app. If you download that "app" it just directs you to the webpage!

With my phone I can download episodes and watch them on flights which is a big thing for me. The youtube app wont actually update the home feed in the same way the webpage or IOS app will, it may be fixed in future but it really sucks having to load the webpage for casual youtube watching, just doesnt have the same user experience the IOS version offers.

I consider myself an advanced user hence why i jumped over to android for a tablet but in actuality i have found it less flexible than the my jailbroken iphone. The jailbreak modding scene for IOS is heaven for an advanced user who likes to tweak.

Samsung devices are clearly the future and i'm sure the newer revisions on android will continue to improve but for now theres just not enough app support for android.

It's hard to explain what is wrong with the porting process used by most developers but it does seem apples quality control over the app store is paying off, people are spending the money developing slick IOS apps then just copying them across to android on the cheap.

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