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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Really? Ill definitely need to grab the deal the next time it pops up!
I use to have the bmw oil when I was under warranty but it didn't seem to cool fast enough or wasn't good enough on cold starts. I usually only let my car warm for a minute before driving again from a cold and mobil 1 0w40 seemed to do it for me. I'm curious though, why is castrol edge not LL approved? Gtx doesn't exist anymore so does that mean we only use the bmw oil from the stealerships? People seem to say mobil is better and cheaper than bmw oil and you have more variations and choices with it also. The last time I checked, 0w-40 was sold in walmart, it's just you'd have to find out which one. They do sell singles though and I have a guy who sells mobil 1. 6 qts for 35 bucks for any weigh and its about a block away from home. I also see other oils that are "contenders" but they don't have the LL approval and I'm skeptical to try it. What would happen if I do? I hear a lot of people using motul and royal purple even though its not LL approved but they say it runs like a champ. What are your thoughts on that?
We are really off topic, (sorry OP,) but I don't know if dealers' always use BMW oil. Anyways. Go to Castrol's website. Use the "Which Oil to Buy" link. None are listed...

Valvoline's MST part number, if you are interested in ordering from places like NAPA: 787301. Since they say HST is formally approved and MST is not, I'm still going to stick with BMW oil because I'm not buying a 55 gallon drum of oil. Only 5w-40 HST as listed here:

shows a Total Base Number (TBN) of 10, which like I said before is an indicator for longevity.

BTW- My wife's oil looked pretty thick when it had 120 or so miles until red/due. She last had the oil changed at the dealer, so I'll see next time I do a change how it looks, now that I know for sure I put BMW oil in...