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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
I see, but what differerence would it make if its ceramic vs s. inless? I thought MMW headers were bolt on you sure about that?
They don't have lower flanges from the pics I saw. Johnny d I believe welded his flange on. It may be like a clamp but that would require cutting flanges on the mid pipe. You would have to inquire further from someone who owns a set but there is no lower flange preattached.

Ceramic is usually applied over a mild steel that is prone to rusting when unprotected. Ceramic is supposed to keep heat in the pipes which is good for the engine. The metal needs to be at least 16 gauge or else depending on the coating the heat could cause cracking. His are probably that thick but I never saw anything official. It also should create resistance to corrosion but I couldn't tell if the inside was coated as well or not.

Stainless steel in and of itself is corrosion ressistant.