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Originally Posted by Business edition View Post
Aww bad times dude.

Try these guys. I have used these lot in the past

I got a bit annoyed earlya on. I was at this tyre place from 3 till 4:30 and this dude was there just talking a load of sh*t to me, that his bro is a race driver and drifter etc lol. did my head in.

Aww have fun mate. Do you know some one who is performing?
VIP lucky you lol
Spot on....thanks for that link! Just what I'm looking for. They're 3x the price I paid on eBay but I guess that sort of answers why the ones I bought are so shit!

No, I haven't got a clue who's playing...part of my job is managing a relationship between my employer and the company that sponsors X Factor - I guess they're happy with what I've done!
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