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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
not as much as driver reaction
you rear ended someone.... how is that NOT your fault?
trying to argue that it's safe to follow closer than 3 seconds on the basis that your BMW brakes better than the car in front of you will not fly in court

if the car in front of you got cut off (you didn't get cut off) and so you hit them, you did not have enough space in front of you. when deciding on cushion space, you are trying to determine if you can avoid hitting the car in front of you, if they panic brake spontaneously.
Originally Posted by BeMWeh View Post
A few things to consider - which really, the police analyst should do:

1) POPP - Point of Possible Perception: at what point could the driver have perceived that something was occurring

2) PRT - Perception/Reaction Time: Accepted value for Humans is 1.5seconds ( 0.75s to see it followed by 0.75s to react to it)

3) Skid marks: Were there any? ABS leaves shadow marks that are faint and disappear fast (depending on temperature).

So, were measurements taken by the Police Dept? Was a Police Analyst there? How much damage was sustained? Who said you were following too closely?

As was asked previously: What is your tire tread like? Was it raining? Were the roads wet?
1.5s before my brakes are even hit eliminates half of my California suggested "3 second rule". That only leaves 1.5 to come to a complete stop. Which I believe with my car is impossible.

She was dead stopped on the freeway. Had the car been braking even in a panic I believe I could have avoided it. But she had dangerously merged in to our lane which was going anywhere from 50-60 mph going less than 10mph. And to top it off she didn't just merge she got the guy off.

No measurements or pictures were taken by the CHP officer. Even though though he was asked to do so.