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Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
<snip> If you rear ended someone, then you weren't following at a safe distance. There is no arguing about it. Doesn't matter what the circumstances were or what caused the car in front of you to abruptly slow down or stop. A safe distance means you should have been able to stop without hitting them no matter what.
imho, that is not entirely correct.
One can be following at a "deemed" safe distance but driver distraction comes into play as well. For example, you're following at the "suggested" 3 second rule and are driving in traffic. In order to drive consciously, you're checking traffic all around you in an attempt to anticipate driver behaviour. If you're checking to your right and a vehicle cuts in on your left, you have lost valuable time attempting to avoid a collision.

I can not see how one can say that it is automatically the following vehicle's fault and the reason why the vehicle being rear ended stopped is non-consequential? You can not just do an emergency stop in flowing traffic... can you epxlain to me how that makes sense?

OP: I would tend to agree that it is likely in your best interest to retain counsel, or at the very least consult.