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Post Just another n54 engine build thread

To make my long story short, younger brother ended up blowing my motor by throwing the trans into 2nd instead of 4th. As a result the timing chain had snapped and a few pistons seem to have kissed a few valves. Still in the process of tearing everything down but it isn't looking too good for the n54 here, new head will be needed I am told by my shop as well as a few new pistons. I could sit here cry, whine and most importantly make my brother wash the car every week for the next 2 years of his life but instead I choose to take a breath, and take advantage of this opportunity. As soon as the tear down is done and we have a full picture of everything, I will be ordering CP forged 9;5;1 pistons from vac and possibly getting the head machined to flow better by a local shop( Suggestions Needed ). I have pm'd tony for stg3 turbos, RB about his (which he has in-stock). Tony says 1 month for the stg3 but the RB are already proving to provide a ton of power for the money. It all depends if VT can finish up the stg3 turbos in a month or two I would be willing to give them a go if not then RBs it is. I also want to say that I did contact vishnu and waiting to hear back from them as well. Car is going from procede and dci to fully built with upgraded turbos, suggestions are welcome. Stay tooned.