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Okay. My hair cut was due so went to my barber. Definitely the cabin kaabrroooomm drone was significantly reduced. It tried to get there but stop before and move on. At cruising at 80 mph, 2,6-2.7k rpm, almost no exhaust soynd except a hint of itnduring occassional accel and decel. At 65 mph, 2.4-2.5k rpm, there are some but almost pleasing. However, on the way to home, warm engine seems to give little more grrooom during gear changes at 2k rpm. I will have to experiemnt different configuration; one cork on either side with the same for the back rubber mount, but is definitely something to try out until there is something better. Trying to figure out stock buffler type absorber can an expensive proposition with different types of them since the factory 32kHz is probably not true anymore with 18lb lighter exhaust. Btw, the corks did not move at all and stayed put for 40 mile driving.