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Originally Posted by Mwp4me View Post
Take your point but as I have said I have had all the TV/DVD players and factory sat / nav etc and never used it. As for residual value I bought a car many years ago and opted for factory leather. On px time I got the same value as the same without. I was told that the factory options I chose where where for my personal use and my enjoyment whilst I owned and used the car. I was told that when the dealer had to re sell my car the prospective purchaser may not want leather. I feel the point I am trying to attain is that dealers want to sell all these options but do we really need them. I have been VW for 20 yrs and heavily into factory options, when suddenly getting a job that involved 40,000 miles year I bought a GTTDi Golf. When it came to options my dealer said no, this is a tool to do your job and the options will not make any difference at re sale time. End of the day it's only the dealers who win. Being new to BMW I bought my car on looks not knowing everything e.g.. iDrive. My next BMW I will fully spec up and I bet again the amount of times I use the features I will count on one hand. Still my dash will look pretty and I will get so much more at px time. Not!!
Granted, the options are expensive at the time of order and some don't add any value come resale time, but options like satnav/idrive, leather and xenons do in my opinion add a premium to the price when coming to sell. A dealer will spout off about the extras adding no value because they want to give you as little as possible, that's the reason that apart from my last car, I always sell mine privately before I buy my next car.

I think if you got a car with idrive/satnav in the future, you'd change your mind after a while and see how handy it is, it's a lot more than a satnav, hope you managed to be convinced someday