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In traffic, you'll be in a car, same as everyone else. You're no better off than Simon Cowell in his Roller or that foolish idiot in the Nissan Versa. It's the same story on the motorway. But there will come a moment when the traffic thins, the police aren't looking and there's a nice bit of road ahead. At a time like this, a GT86 will make you happy.
You will be revelling in the sort of thrills normally only on offer to the super-rich, but your thrill is better, because it's not scary. To make a Ferrari misbehave, you need to be doing Mach 2. To make a GT86 squirrel about, you only need to be doing 20.

The following video just shows how Jeremy Clarkson's words can be SO misinterpreted... yes, the police aren't looking... but the traffic does not thin at all, there's not a single bit of clear road ahead (let alone a nice one) and, indeed, it's scary even at 20. This is NO way to stand out in the traffic ... if that's your main take on cars, to show off in traffic I mean, just buy one of today's nice and shining BMWs and let it cruise instead, you'll be happy and we'll be happier because the GT86 is definitely not a car for you... even at 20: