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Drives: 2006 330i w/sport & nav pkg
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I've had my '06 330i for about a year now, & this forum has been a big help on the DIY's. I've always owned American or Japanese cars & trucks & done my own maintenance, but this is my 1st BMW.

I've lurked around this site since buying the car to learn its quirks & anything to look out for, not to mention where to drain, fill, check, etc.

So far, I've done the oil & filter(back last spring), the brake fluid flush(last month), & just last week I did the transmission service.

I ordered the kit from CTSC plus the mechatronic sleeve. Had a heck of a time getting the car far enough off the ground to work under it, but managed to finally get it secured. The leak was around the sleeve, but the car has 70k miles on it, so I decided to go ahead & change the fluid & filter too.

Drained about 5 liters & the pan/filter came off w/no trouble(the old fluid was quite dark, but not burned), but that little sleeve was quite a pain! There's no way my hands could get in there far enough to get any leverage on the locking collar or the sleeve to pull it out, so I ended up using a variety of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, & even a small piece of pine trim. Rather harrowing working around a delicate piece like that mechatronic with such tools. Oh, it was also interesting using a mirror & flashlight to line up the inner tab on the new sleeve w/ the slot in the mechatronic.

It took me three hours, & ended up getting about 5 of the 6 liters from the CTSC kit pumped back into the transmission. I went back under after a week & re-checked the pan screws & fluid level. So far, no more drips.