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The following video just shows how Jeremy Clarkson's words can be SO misinterpreted... yes, the police aren't looking... but the traffic does not thin at all, there's not a single bit of clear road ahead (let alone a nice one) and, indeed, it's scary even at 20. This is NO way to stand out in the traffic ... if that's your main take on cars, to show off in traffic I mean, just buy one of today's nice and shining BMWs and let it cruise instead, you'll be happy and we'll be happier because the GT86 is definitely not a car for you... even at 20:

Your comment makes no sense. Jealous you can't drift without making an accident?

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Found this pic online, hope its not a repost : ).
Never seen it. Looks good, but BRZ STI will not have any turbo, other than from aftermarket. Maybe next generation, or next upgrade, but not any time soon. Anyway there are more than enough turbocharged cars today, infact all, with the exception of some.