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Originally Posted by anielsen71 View Post
As I read your information, removing the downpipe is the first step of gettings some real power out of this engine.
What you wrote about the missing effect of adding a bigger IC for these cars, I can someway agree.
I had some dynos before fitting the bigger IC at aprox 260hp/606nm and after fitting the IC and a remap, it dynoed 267hp/615nm. Barely any change.
But the drive after fitting the bigger IC has changed. The accelleration from 80km/h and upwards is amazing. A quite different pull when flooring it. And that is with only 7% more fuel added compared to OEM.
I hope to get the pipe fitted and remaped this week, but unfortunately we got at lot of snow here in denmark these days. So testing will not be in ideal conditions :-(

And by the way, thnx for sharing the information :-)
You gained 7hp after an intercooler and remap... this surely cant be right...

A 7% increase in injected quantity should result in at least an extra 20hp...

Are you referring to the Ecotune downpipe? There are cheap counterfeits out there to be avoided... manufactured in Czech Republic weighing nearly half a kilo less due to poor gauge steel. The angles for supporting backpressure are also incorrect... the real cheek is they contacted us offering them for less than 100 euro pc. Quite entertaining in all honesty as we couldn't even cover our materials at that price never mind manufacture them :-)