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Originally Posted by anielsen71 View Post
Yep, I ordered your downpipe wedensday and got it Friday.

The 7% was compared to stock. Stock is said to be 231hp/500nm. didn't get a dyno before remapping first time.
Remap only with 7% more fuel gave me aprox 260hp/600Nm. a gain of aprox 30hp/100nm
And after adding the bigger IC we did a remap again with almost no difference on the dyno. But it gave a big change in the way mid accelerations are done :-)
Glad to hear it :-)

I think you are referring to the injector opening time map.. In reality the throttle request maps are probably requesting 600nm now which is the highest nm the Bosch EDC16CP35 ecu can interporate... more power is gained by adding % to the injector opening time map. In reaility your injected quantity will be significantly higher than 7% :-)

If at WOT your throttle map requests 600nm, the ecu will check the torque limiters are at 600nm... assuming they are the ecu will look up the NM to Injected Qty conversion table shown below.

Therefore injecting more fuel relative to the requested torque...
The injector opening time map is more a secondary... hence 7% more :-)