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Originally Posted by anielsen71 View Post
Well I can only refer to what my tuning guy told me.
We spoke of the problem with smoke after removing the DPF.
And he told me he could control that with the amount of fuel he added. And he then mentioned that he'd only added 7% more with the mapping I was running now.

And I'm sure he knows what he's doing. He's been tunning both Skylines, Supras and Lamborghinis. All petrolcars though....
You are saying that the Bosh ECU can only go as far as to 600nm or?
Ive seen dynos from tuned 330d's reaching aprox 700nm??
When tuned correctly a stock 231hp m57n2 will not make any real smoke until you exceed 285hp. I would expect you could get closer to 300hp with your FMIC.

I have tuned them to over 700nm no problem however.. the maximum requested torque on the 231 version is 600nm therefore you must do a few things...

1. Request 600nm
2. Increase the Mg/stroke in the NM/IQ table pictured above so the engine management thinks it requires to inject more fuel in order to achieve 600nm.
3. Increase the injector opening table in microseconds so that the engine management thinks it requires to open the injecor for longer to achieve a given Mg/stroke.

Thats a very very basic account of how it works... of course there is far more to it than that. :-)