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Originally Posted by anielsen71 View Post
This is very interesting.
I hope for aprox 300hp/700nm and will be satisfied with that(I think :-)).
Often what happens is that the power becomes a habit. And one want's more :-)

My concern is the autotrans. ZF says my version is build to cope with 600nm. Going well over that might be a problem. Speaking to the guys at promotec in South africa who does these 300hp/700nm conversions, they haven't yet had customers who has had any problems with the autobox.
Your car is going to need many hours of dyno time to set the turbo geometry to the downpipe. Whilst this is happening you should advise your tuner to limit the torque to 700nm... you can still comfortably achieve 300hp without hitting this huge torque hike...

You are probably aiming for something like -

You can see here it doesn't take 700nm to make 300hp... in fact you could achieve 300hp without even exceeding 540nm... it takes around 535nm @ 4000rpm to make 300hp :-)