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Wash mitt shedding / Microfiber linting

Just washed my car for the first time using ONR with Detailed Image's sheepskin wash mitt. I think the mitt did a great job of gently lifting dirt off the paint and releasing contaminants, but throughout the wash, it shed tons of fibers in clumps that blew threw the air and stuck to the car. I can't run the thing through the wash but I hand-washed it and air-dried it before using for the first time.

I finished the wash by applying Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical with DI's two-sided plush microfiber towel. Again, the product did a great job, except I'm left with tiny tiny fibers stuck to the paint. If you look really closely, you can see that every square inch of paint has 5 tiny little hairs stuck to it that catch the light. Is this unavoidable for MF towels? I washed this one in the machine with other MF towels before using it.

Will these issues get better or worse the more I use these products? Any suggestions for less shed / lint prone alternatives?
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