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Originally Posted by RIDERDIE View Post
Ive got a question...

Just completed my vrsf downpipe install! I have a whine almost like a siren everytime I acclerate wether its full throtle or just a creep. Not at all familiar with turbos besides this car which ive had 2 months. Its not just the woosh that i had before. The car shakes a heck of alot more than before, at least it feels like it does.
Going to adjust the jb4 controls tomorow to view the turbo spool on the dash see if the whine goes hand in hand with it.

All in all it sounds great with my eisenmann axle back, just curious if I need to do some adjusting somewhere.

Ive gotta meet up with you guys one of these Saturday nights if I ever get off work.

The siren noise is most likely due to you removing the cats and going catless DP's. Cats usually quiet down a lot of the turbo spool up noise, and not they are not there. You are hearing more of the turbo spool up. A lot of people have said, as the car warms up the sound goes away.
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