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Originally Posted by RobBeck View Post
Looks pretty sweet. Couple questions:

1) What size are those primaries? I'd think 1.5" or 1.625" at biggest would be ideal. Those look to be perhaps 1.75".
2) The rear turbo compressor outlet, is that where it is going to be orientated when said and done? Thinking not as not only does it point directly to the subframe (when installed) the WG actuator would not have a very sound mounting point.
3) What kind of clearance is left behind the rear turbo down pipe outlet? Enough to keep the original water plumbing intact to the block, or will that be custom?
4) How does the clearances look behind the front turbo? Enough room to get the actuator in place?
5) Have you tried installing the motor mount and is everything clearing? Or will it need replacing or clearancing?
6) Will the original engine block heat shields still work with this or will the need to be discarded or new ones fabricated?
7) What's the plan on the rear induction tube, as in how do you plan on routing it?

Keep up the good work.

1. 1.5"
2. Orientation is not in final position
3. Plenty, just doesn't look like it in the pic
4. Yes
5. Manifolds were built with motor mount in place. Subframe has been installed. All clears with no modifications
6. Heat shields should work
7. induction and charge piping will be designed after the downpipes are finished