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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
I think Fueling is being a Pain :/ the LPFP has been a good fix for now. but the HPFP really needs to get upgraded when going any sort of bigger turbo. LOL then the injectors are gonna max out then we will need injector upgrades.
Depends on how much power you're looking for. Shiv ran 800 whp on e85 with his custom surge tank. He backed it off a bit for Shift Sector, but was still running 100% e85. I think we haven't hit the cap on the HPFP as long as we can supply the volume it demands. The fact that he was able to hit those numbers are very impressive. I don't know how many people would be looking to run a daily driver what that kind of power, but if I was able to run 600 whp and turn 10's with my daily driver I would be very happy. Considering the vast amount of torque we already have with this platform, this car is a real animal. The n54 has shown to be truly and amazing engine.