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Originally Posted by hickoryE92 View Post
i read this thread and the thread that the guy above me posted and want to clarify an issue...

So I know it isn't good to run the car hard before it has time to properly warm up on its own, but what is the issue with idling until it warms up and then you are on your way. Why would idling until its warm be any different than driving conservatively until its warm? Is it the moderate air flow from normal driving that helps this or would it be acceptable to idle for awhile to warm up if the majority of your drives aren't long enough to reach 160-170F oil temps.

In terms of oil temp there is no difference. But remember there are more fluids in the car than just oil. The tranny, diff, as well as the rest of little things on the car, brakes, tires, even the wheel bearings (I know thats minuscule) will not be up to operating temps. I used to have an STi and it was actually a big deal getting the diffs up to temp seeing as it had 3 diffs, one clutch the other two torque biasing gear types, obviously a single open diff won't need much time to heat up.
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