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Yo Dave.

The short answer is no.

I can get the AP fronts for 2200 ish, but that's not much difference. When you start to make enquiries you will hear lines like 'AP make us sell that at that' etc so wether it is BS or not, there is rarely an chance of pushing them down.

I had a flirtation with the PhatBoy Brakes that a member here was selling and would still be tempted by them if I did still have a sizable chunk of cash lying around. They SEEM to be gaining some credibility on Ricer forums, but I am still not 100% convinced I must admit.

I've never found another option although I have looked and looked and looked. Fitting for 'straight fit' brakes is a piece of piss and takes a couple of hours on your driveway. Not saying you would/should do it, but the point is it shouldn't be expensive.

I am interested in any group buy we could possibly arrange, but again like you I would want a 1 at the start of any numbers and I can't see that happening with AP's whilst there are only 2 buyers.