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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Looking at a front BBK.

The obvious first choice would be AP racing 6 pot, although it's designed for the 335i I believe it will go straight on the 335d am I right? Ian?

However. Are there any other kits which are known to be decent with say a 1 at the beginning? 2300 BEFORE fitting is somewhat painful!
You can't have a sentence containing the words/abbreviations 'cheap' and 'BBK',the two are incompatible

As Matt has said AP's are nth of 2k.

The only other alternative that springs to mind is Stoptech,which start with a 1,but is heading towards the Nth Pole!
Plus I'm not sure if there are any UK distributors,so if you have to import,you're looking at whatever the price is +25%,and any warranty would be in the US,so barring any UK based retailers,the price puts you probably back with AP.

I can't say I'd be keen on far east jobbies,but that is very much a personal opinion,bear in mind the BMW's you're driving are mapped/JB4'd/other,and are pushing out a lot of power,plus cost 40Kish new,putting cheap parts on such a car,could well be a false economy.

Please note: The above is a personal opinion,the parts from the far east could well be very good.

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