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Originally Posted by Uk 330d View Post
I don't buy brand new so the costs are some what lower when buying 2nd hand.

But seriously, comparing a smart phone to a built in sat nav, a built in sat nav in a BMW is much more than a sat nav, it's a multi media unit, gives all sorts of info about the car, it's no comparison to a smart phone.
Yep, have to agree with this. You always get these kind of answers. What can a Sat Nav do that a 100 smart phone app can't and the answer is

1) A smartphone can't integrate with the controls in your car to control all it's multimedia functions

2) A smartphone can't be used as a display for all of the cars functions

3) A smartphone will need to mounted somewhere so that you can use it as a navigation aid when you drive. This means trailing wires, phone holders, window mount suckers or a combination of the above, I have NEVER seen a smartphone mount\holder which I'd find visually acceptable\ aesthetically pleasing in my car.

4) A smartphone won't smarten up the interior, a sat nav screen lifts the interior and makes the car look a little bit more special.

5) A smartphone won't increase the value of your car or make it more sell-able come resale time, a built in sat nav unit will.

I agree the price manufacturers charge for them does take the p*ss so some may decide to forego it but if I was speccing a new car, I wouldn't leave it out and when buying second hand it's even more of a no brainer as I wouldn't buy a car without one and neither would a lot of people.