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Originally Posted by gun6slinger9 View Post
Shah, you are that guy that no one really likes but no one is rude enough to tell you off. The guy that goes around and tells everyone at the wedding "Hey I banged her, poor guy taking my sloppy seconds." You will party and sleep around with college girls until you're 40 when you will realize all your past "friends" are off married and raising families. Meanwhile you are alone and girls are starting to not want to be with you because you have aged like wine in a foul barrel. You will end up alone or settling for a fat chick and your only response to those who laugh at you is that she never got passed around. Good luck with life you outstanding model of a douche bag.
Ladies and germs we may have hit a nerve!
Let me who is married to a + sized fuzzy with no inside voice?

Hey I'm no spring chicken there brother, I was married for a good 8 years. It was fun. But I learned much. I learned that well sadly as much as I love women they can and will do dumb shit for no apparent reason and then look at you and scream for letting them do it....mean while if you had raised and objection she would have gotten pissed off at you for doing so. This is why you should never ever go shoe shopping with your girl….trust me on this one!

And that’s what this thread was about, an otherwise intelligent well educated and travelled woman making a classic chicken head move. Or so I thought.
Thus the “god has proven me wrong yet again” But turns out I was wrong. What she was doing, if you could keep up with the rest of us was making a move to ensure that she was in charge of the relationship.

Now I don’t particularly agree with it, if you ask me a marriage should be a meeting of equals…that’s where I fucked up….but it’s her life and her call and well I can’t help but feel bad for the guy she is marrying/dominating. Here he was all those years tugging his own while she was out tugging others and now that she is a bit damaged emotionally she is back to him….classic Forest Gump trap.

Are all your questions answered or would you like me to belittle you a bit more?